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535 South Main · Moab, Utah 84532     TEL: 435-259-3500                            TOLL FREE: 800-772-1972
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Road Biking in Moab

Cyclists know about Moab; they know it as the home of the Slickrock Trail, the Mecca of mountain bikers. What many donít realize is Moab has some of the best road biking as well. There are hundreds of miles of paved roads in and out of world-class landscape known by every adventure seeker globally.

Road Biking in Moab, Utah

Channeling the energy riding through the grandeur of Moabís canyon country is bound to inspire. For most riders, cycling is more than just a release; it can help define a deeper sense of purpose.

Southeastern Utah has some of the most scenic backroads in the world. From Moabyou can ride into two national parks from town. There are epic loops and shuttles that traverse mountain ranges and travel along the Colorado River Gorge. The main roads are like backroads on other parts of the country.The backroads are almost deserted.

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