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535 South Main · Moab, Utah 84532     TEL: 435-259-3500                            TOLL FREE: 800-772-1972
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ATV Riding in Moab

ATV Rules and Regulations in the Moab Area

The Moab area has thousands of miles of unpaved roads on which ATV's can travel. Most of the public land surrounding the National Parks is open to ATV travel on existing trails. (However, please note that ATV riding is not allowing within either Arches or Canyonlands National Park.) ATV enthusiasts can use all of the popular Moab 4WD Trails, or explore the backcountry trails that surround Moab.

Moab's roads and trails are famous because they offer a combination of challenge and scenery that cannot be found anywhere else.

Please remember that riding on public lands is a privilege, not a right. Protect this privilege by staying on designated roads and trails. Cross-country travel damages plant and soil resources, and leaves ugly long-lasting scars. Enjoy your recreational activity in the Moab area while staying on roads and trails.

ATV riding in Moab

Saftey Tips

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